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Venable LLP is an American law firm formerly known as Venable, Baetjer & Howard LLP. The firm is ranked 64th in the 2017 AmLaw 100 survey. It was founded in Baltimore in 1900. Today the firm maintains 8 offices throughout the country and includes more than 800 attorneys practicing in over 70 practice and industry areas covering corporate and business law, complex litigation, intellectual property and regulatory and government affairs.

A former employee shares his overwhelming experience on, "They can't keep good hard-working employees at Venable LLP. Employees are walking out of there because they are not treated right. The firm needs a better management and give more incentives to staff. No flexibility at all especially if you're a parent. DC is their biggest office but they let Baltimore run the show. No matter what you say to the higher management, your opinion will not be heard."


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Former Employee - Staff says

"Awful administration. Legal secretaries are overwhelmed and treated unfairly. Basically they are on their own. No support from Human Resources."

Former Employee - Associate says

"Many partners in the West Coast offices are horrendous. They’re screamers, eccentric or mean, but they’re kept around because they have big books of business. Also, the LA office has a terrible reputation. Other attorneys offer condolences if they hear you came from Venable’s LA office."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lying is OK if you are a Manager, blatant lies a 2nd grader could tell was a lie"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"pretty much everything else, if you are not an employee who has been there a long time and knows everything, they treat you horribly"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"terrible raises and bonuses, can work hard and take on more responsibility, but unless you kiss some serious butt, you will not be promoted"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They don't care about their employees. Job eliminated after working for them 18 + years. Managers do nothing to keep their best employees. No room to grow in this organization. They will let you go in a heartbeat and don't care."

Former Employee - Information Technology says

"Working at Venable is very stressful. There is no organization there, management does not value their employees and all managers aren't meant to be managers. There is no opportunity for growth within the company even when you ask for it. They would rather hire someone from the outside than promote the people they have from within. Management doesn't back their employees when it comes to policies and procedures and even when the attorney is dead wrong you still get blamed. The culture of Venable is throw every one under the bus."


"Specific individuals contribute to a highly abusive work environment, and leadership does very little to curb the behavior."

Legal Secretary says

"Every single staffing company I've spoken with has admitted that the Venable office in Century City, CA has a difficult environment and not everyone fits. Management openly admits that the environment is "unique" and not everyone fits. That must be true since they cannnot keep support staff - Venable has often fired staff or not renewed temp assigments, and often posts job openings. The litigation section is an extremely hostile and unfriendly environment. Secretaries are hostile and unfriendly to temps and constantly complain about each other to HR. Secretaries unfairly complain about the office services staff, who are excellent. Venable has an extraordinarily high percentage of secretaries whose prime purpose in life seems to whine and make trouble for other people. Excellence is not recognized, since both HR and secretaries complain about secretaries who have poor litigation skills. HR ignores secretaries who spend most of the day gossiping and "visiting" so pressure is put on other secretaries to do multiple same-day filings for 6 or 7 attorneys, since their own secretaries simply refuse to do the filings, saying they are "too busy" and then spend their time gossiping with other secretaries while the other secretaries are doing their work. Some long-time secretaries and other support staff secretly admit to the dysfunctional environment, but they are afraid to lose their jobs, so people only talk in whispers. Litigation attorneys and litigation secretaries walk around openly cussing in the hallways and partners stand around in the hallways at their secretaries' desks asking what color underwear their secretaries are wearing. Venable seems to enjoy having this type of environment, since the Century City office has had this reputation for decades."

Current Employee - LAA says

"HR doesn't know how to manage resources. They're stupefied by unusual or advanced skills and cannot leverage them at all. Not utilize them poorly - simply not at all. Advancement is non existent at the staff level - unless you happen to be white and male. Firm is very much so a "good ol' boys club." Hard work is given the same respect as someone who plays Candy Crush or talks football all day."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The firm is a good place overall with the exception of the LA office. The attorneys are disrespectful and basically run the place.. Upper management has no real concern for improving morale or culture. Second hand support. LAAs are actually the best part of the office. I feel sorry for associates and mid-management."

Server/Hostess (Former Employee) says

"They have you doing work that you should be paid an hourly rate of at least minimum wage, they pay you $2.13 an hr which is your serving pay. That in its self is illegal. And they have fired me and others for honestly just made up lies! I made descent money, and the coworkers that I had (not including management) were amazing at working as a team. That's all I can say. things I can say"

Legal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worked for a short period of time. Management makes decisions based on personal preferences, extremely unfair. Don't trust having confidential discussions, will be held against you. IP Division manager shows favoritism, has personal acquaintances working in her department. Not trustworthy!Good benefitsPoor management, favoritism"

Legal Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Unless you are white and male, don’t expect advancement no matter how hard you work. Culture is toxic, HR incompetent, and managers are mystified by how to handle exemplary employees.Bocce, holiday eventsToxic culture, poor management, poor diversity"

IT Manager (Former Employee) says

"Non communicative CTO is just a political figure head who doesn’t allow people to do their jobs. She controls every decision made and then makes decisions in a vacuum. Really a shame since there are good people that do work there. Also a lot of shady and very dishonest status updates given to upper management who are non-technical.Free lunches, beautiful office space, free aquarium and zoo passesCTO and culture"

Client Intake Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The manager is racist and not knowledgeable. The job is stressful. The HR department would not investigate issues. The management team would not listen to issues raised by employees. The pay was horrible. The turnover rate was really high.Flexible Hours"

Office Assistant/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Checking Outlook on the computer for e-mails from management and co-workers for changes in duties. "Setting-up" conference rooms. Relieving reception. Going to the different floors to make sure every thing is functioning properly. The pantries are well stock. Stocking the medicine cabinet. Typing letters for attorneys. Checking the mail room to assist. Assisting with the marketing department. Working in the library. Taking care of inventories.Free lunchesBreaks morning and afternoon. Health and dental. MessagesThis is how this Law Firm discriminates, because I worked at Venable LLP New York (the same position) and was NEVER given a break, neither in the morning or evening. Occasionally we will get lunch, or whatever is left over in the conference rooms. One hour lunch, that's it, and you are going from the time you reach to work till the time you leave."

Accounting Department (Former Employee) says

"They can't keep good hard working employees at this place. Employees are walking out of there because they are not treated right. Firm needs a better management and give more incentives to staff. No flexibility at all especially if you're a parent. DC is their biggest office but they let Baltimore run the show. No matter what you say to the higher management, you're opinion will not be heard.NoneConstant turnover, they don't care about their staff, no flexibly"

Legal Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"PLEASE explore your options, not a fair place to work. Management has favorites, and does not support the staff. No matter what the situation is, the ATTORNEY is ALWAYS correct. No mercy!!!!!!!Good benefitManagement/administration again, has favorites. Beware!!!!"

Legal Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My experience working for Venable in the IP department was not a pleasant experience. Between a bipolar & lying supervisor made it very depressing and borderline harassmentNonePlenty"

Billing Specialist (Current Employee) says

"DC Accounting Office is not a great place to work. The manager thrives off gossip and disordered,Will try to befriend you only to get in your business and share with the entire department, the HR department favors long time employees and not trust worthy, if you have an issue with someone their just keep it to yourself b/c if you share with HR it will be used against you only to have you terminated or your time their will be miserable.great healthcare packageterrible firm, hr favors certain people"

Real Estate Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"They present a good face during the interview and then it falls apart. Poor communication among the attorneys and staff. They don't have sufficient assistance within office services. Their main focus are the east coast offices.Benefits start immediatelyNot friendly, poor communication and high turnover"

IT Service and Hardware Technician (Former Employee) says

"I would NOT recommend Venable as a good place to work. Management is terrible, they don't listen to ideas, there is no opportunity for growth or promotion from within. Attorney's can be abusive and lie while management doesn't stand behind their employees.Benefits, nice work environment, activitiesManagement, No growth or Training"

Patent Prosecution Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"Okay place to work. I don't have much of an opinion here. Nice people but support staff not as supportive. Great location in Washington DC. Pay is ok."

Legal Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Did not like this job. They lied to us to our faces, not in a memo, or a letter, but in staff meetings and were so cold when laying off. It opened my eyes.SalaryEverything else"

Staff Attorney (Former Employee) says

"The other employees were pleasant and fun to work with. In general, management is rigid and confined to traditional and outdated practices. The hours and expectations were unreasonable given my position. Any advancement was more or less unattainable."

Payroll Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Compensation did not make up for working in Baltimore city and the insane work hours and there was no opportunity for growth. Very political work environment."

Trademark Legal Secretary/Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Work was enjoyable and I was professional, however partner was verbally abusive and made for a hostile work environment. Management was NOT able to give me any redress for questional actions regarding said partner.Nice co-workers, sympathic to partner plight and very helpfulManagement was no help at all in reigning in abusive behavior."

Legal Associate (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work but real estate group is terrible from top down. Too much gossip. Too many people throwing each other under the bus. Baltimore partner is the worst. Runs a mean girl club. Holds grudges against employees. Just terrible.Terrible real estate teamOther parts of Venable great. Great perks."

Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"Limited opportunity for growth if you didn't go to an ivy league school. attorneys perform paralegal duties. huge law firm which requires each person to do little tasks instead of having a lot to learn or expeience."

Dogsrule63 says

"Don't give in and settle with these people. I've written here before about the ugly boots. Save emails between Rollychic and yourself. Ask your bank or credit card company for a chargeback. The emails are all the proof you need. Don't except any offers from them or gift cards. Save the corresponds of them telling you not to return the boots and offers of $5 gift cards. It's a slam dunk. I was persistent and got all of my money back."

Helen Pickering says

"All these reviews are correct. My story is the same. Boots took a month to arrive, were nothing like advertised. Complained was offered $5, they did not want me to return them. I went through PAYPAL, was given a return address, and less then 10 days to return, baring in mind they took nearly a month to arrive. Paypal was useless. I have returned the boots and now the email address to Rollychic cannot be found! Rubbish company, total Scammers! DO NOT USE!!!"

DeAnna Mosher Ridley says

"This company is a rip off, ordered a pair of boots and when they finally arrived months after I had ordered and they were horrible!!! They were not the same boots as I had ordered and they looked like they were made out of plastic! I have emailed them multiple times and they kept offering me a gift card USD funds if I kept them and gave them to someone who needed them. I finally gave up and agreed to the gift card....well I never got it and I contacted them again and again with no response! Now you can’t even send an email because there is no such address anymore! I wish I could give them a negative number and it would be really really low! Don’t buy anything from them!!!"

sue says

"They do not deserve even one star! This company is a joke and impossible to work with. Ordered some boots back in October, 2019. Charged my account immediately. Received December, 2019 only after getting payment source involved. Poor quality, bad coloring, not at all as described. I've been in touch with them via email approximately 40 emails to be exact since January, 2020. It was impossible dealing with them. Over and over I had to provide the order information which they already had, they consistently wanted to offer me a $5, $8, and $10 US gift card, it was ridiculous!!!! On 3/24/2020, they sent an email that they had refunded me $10 to my original form of payment. However, yet another joke/scam. As of today, 3/30/2020, no refund and now their email address is no longer applicable."